Commit 79407db6 authored by DonLakeFlyer's avatar DonLakeFlyer

Fix turnaround distance

parent a9ba93f0
......@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ void SurveyMissionItemTest::init(void)
_offlineVehicle = new Vehicle(MAV_AUTOPILOT_PX4, MAV_TYPE_QUADROTOR, qgcApp()->toolbox()->firmwarePluginManager(), this);
_surveyItem = new SurveyMissionItem(_offlineVehicle, this);
_surveyItem->setTurnaroundDist(0); // Unit test written for no turnaround distance
_mapPolygon = _surveyItem->mapPolygon();
// It's important to check that the right signals are emitted at the right time since that drives ui change.
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