1. 21 Jan, 2018 3 commits
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      Including airmapd into the repo (macOS only) · ebb5b8ce
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      Merge branch 'AirMapWithAirmapd' into Airmap · e8b37fc8
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      * AirMapWithAirmapd: (33 commits)
        qgroundcontrol.pro: update build to latest airmapd master
        AirMapManager: update authorizations to changed airmapd interface
        rebase fixup: remove AirMapController.{cc,h}
        remove submodule commits qmqtt and tiny-AES128-C
        AirMapManager: error handling, change to updated API of airmapd
        AirMapManager: update polygons to changed airmapd interface
        AirMapManager: update flight search according to updated airmapd
        AirMap: remove SITA registration numbers
        AirspaceManagement & AirMapManager: add weather request API
        AirMapManager: add LifetimeChecker class to prevent callbacks from accessing invalid memory
        AirMapManager: handle multi_polygon
        AirMapManager: change backend to use airmapd
        AirMap: refactor for multi-vehicle support & base class API
        AirMap traffic: remove inactive vehicles after a timeout of 5 seconds
        AirMapManager: handle dynamic setting changes
        AirmapManager: make sure to pass the SITA reg data to the right objects
        Make AirMapController as part of a Vehicle rather than a creatable QML instance. This is ultimately linked to a vehicle and not the view. Eventually a lot of the code currently in AirMapManager will have to come here as well so the data persists with a vehicle. AirMapManager should only handle the global aspects. Added a temporary indicator right below the toolbar. It's only visible if a permission (of any kind) exists. I need to understand better how this works before coming up with a more permanent solution. Restored toolbar to its original state (brand logo and whatnot)
        Added include and lib path for protobuf on maxOS (we need to make this automatic for all builds) Added AirMap settings (SettingsGroup) Added AirMap settings block to General Settings Create macros to deal with the tedious repetitions within SettingsGroup Removed old, hacked in setting for AirMapKey Remove a few of the tons of build warnings
        PlanManager: upload flight to AirMap when uploading to the vehicle
        AirMapController: add flightPermitStatusChanged
      # Conflicts:
      #	src/QGCApplication.cc
      #	src/Vehicle/Vehicle.cc
      #	src/Vehicle/Vehicle.h
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      Merge branch 'AirmapUI' into Airmap · 191f9cae
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      * AirmapUI:
        Restore expanded state when enabling AirMap
        AirMap Settings
        Control on Fly View Eliminated flight widget "states" Define flight widget top margin (plugin options)
        Add expand icon
        Expand/Colapse Controllers Adjust colors Remove unused image
        Initial Mockup
      # Conflicts:
      #	src/Settings/AppSettings.cc
      #	src/Settings/AppSettings.h
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