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      Update the PX4 airframe meta copy · b05aa3fb
      Lorenz Meier authored
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      Merge pull request #2188 from dogmaphobic/preferencesPanel · 7977df29
      Gus Grubba authored
      The debug dialog is temporary and it only shows in debug builds. I was trying to collect data on screen size and density for various devices. I might leave it there a little longer (still only for debug builds) until we're comfortable with the UI across all devices.
      Yes, we need to group these settings a little better. I think it's just a matter of shuffling things around. One *Root* setting window that branches off into *General*, *Vehicle*, *Joystick*, etc. I will wait for @DonLakeFlyer  to be back so we can figure this out.
      In the mean time, I will merge this in as is as it provides a service regardless.
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      Bogus changes to force a new build. · f25ac82e
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      Started preferences panel · c069252d
      dogmaphobic authored
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