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    Merge remote-tracking branch 'mavlink/master' into toolbarWork · 97a07325
    dogmaphobic authored
    * mavlink/master: (30 commits)
      android lower minSdkVersion to 16
      Update README.md
      Fix G constant, emit updates more regularly
      QGC: Fix excessive noise terms
      check for new and old flightgear path
      set correct path to flightgear executable on osx
      fix android auto versionName update
      travis-ci try installing PyOpenSSL with pip
      travis-ci add python-openssl for google play publish
      travis-ci run doxygen config last
      travis-ci pip install --user
      travis-ci install google-api-python-client
      fix travis decrypt google play credentials
      android auto version and deploy to google play
      update android version
      Remove Flightgear and JSBSim and only leave the option which actually works.
      Wait after window close to prevent qml warnings
      Restructure to prevent shutdown warnings
      QT_FATAL_WARNINGS back on
      Remove remaining singletons
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