Commit f9c50019 authored by Lorenz Meier's avatar Lorenz Meier

Merge pull request #3180 from mavlink/param_meta_px4

Update PX4 meta data
parents df7c8f0d 398d842d
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<airframe_group image="HelicopterCoaxial" name="Coaxial Helicopter">
<airframe id="15001" maintainer="Emmanuel Roussel" name="Coaxial Helicopter (such as Esky Lama v4 or Esky Big Lama)">
......@@ -392,4 +393,12 @@
<type>VTOL Tiltrotor</type>
<airframe_group image="AirframeUnknown" name="custom">
<airframe id="20000" maintainer="Julian Oes &lt;;&#10;This startup can be used on Pixhawk/Pixfalcon/Pixracer for the&#10;passthrough of RC input and PWM output." name="Passthrough mode for Snapdragon">
<maintainer>Julian Oes &lt;;
This startup can be used on Pixhawk/Pixfalcon/Pixracer for the
passthrough of RC input and PWM output.</maintainer>
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