Commit de2115a7 authored by Gus Grubba's avatar Gus Grubba

Don't try to build on iOS

parent 6f73ddc0
......@@ -153,7 +153,7 @@ contains (DEFINES, DISABLE_AIRMAP) {
message("Skipping support for AirMap (manual override from user_config.pri)")
} else {
AIRMAPD_PATH = $$PWD/libs/airmapd
MacBuild|iOSBuild {
MacBuild {
exists($${AIRMAPD_PATH}/macOS/Qt.5.11.0) {
message("Including support for AirMap for macOS")
LIBS += -L$${AIRMAPD_PATH}/macOS/Qt.5.11.0 -lairmap-qt
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