Unverified Commit bf29df41 authored by Gus Grubba's avatar Gus Grubba Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #6343 from AndKe/statkartv4

maps: Statkart update to v4
parents 53e4da0a 7378d311
......@@ -269,7 +269,7 @@ UrlFactory::_getURL(MapType type, int x, int y, int zoom, QNetworkAccessManager*
case StatkartTopo:
return QString("http://opencache.statkart.no/gatekeeper/gk/gk.open_gmaps?layers=topo2&zoom=%1&x=%2&y=%3").arg(zoom).arg(x).arg(y);
return QString("http://opencache.statkart.no/gatekeeper/gk/gk.open_gmaps?layers=topo4&zoom=%1&x=%2&y=%3").arg(zoom).arg(x).arg(y);
case EniroTopo:
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