Unverified Commit bc0f2f07 authored by Don Gagne's avatar Don Gagne Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #7162 from DonLakeFlyer/SurveySplitPolygon

Survey: Remove Split Polygon support since it causes crashes
parents d69fdb7b 17b29071
......@@ -126,12 +126,15 @@ Rectangle {
onClicked: missionItem.rotateEntryPoint();
Temporarily removed due to bug https://github.com/mavlink/qgroundcontrol/issues/7005
FactCheckBox {
text: qsTr("Split concave polygons")
fact: _splitConcave
visible: _splitConcave.visible
property Fact _splitConcave: missionItem.splitConcavePolygons
FactCheckBox {
text: qsTr("Hover and capture image")
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