Commit 98771561 authored by Don Gagne's avatar Don Gagne

Fix LinkManager bugs found by unit test

Largest change is that once a link is added to LinkManager it maintains
ownership and is responsible for delete. If you need to delete a link
use LinkManager::delete. Also added guard code to assert if a Link is
deleted outside of LinkManager.
parent 656fa897
......@@ -63,8 +63,8 @@ void LinkManager::deleteInstance(void)
* This class implements the singleton design pattern and has therefore only a private constructor.
LinkManager::LinkManager(QObject* parent) :
LinkManager::LinkManager(QObject* parent, bool registerSingleton) :
QGCSingleton(parent, registerSingleton),
_links = QList<LinkInterface*>();
......@@ -75,24 +75,23 @@ LinkManager::~LinkManager()
foreach (LinkInterface* link, _links) {
void LinkManager::add(LinkInterface* link)
// Take ownership for delete
link->_ownedByLinkManager = true;
if (!_links.contains(link))
connect(link, SIGNAL(destroyed(QObject*)), this, SLOT(_removeLink(QObject*)));
if (!_links.contains(link)) {
emit newLink(link);
......@@ -174,7 +173,7 @@ bool LinkManager::disconnectAll()
foreach (LinkInterface* link, _links)
if (!disconnectLink(link)) {
if (!link->_disconnect()) {
allDisconnected = false;
......@@ -200,56 +199,30 @@ bool LinkManager::disconnectLink(LinkInterface* link)
return link->_disconnect();
void LinkManager::_removeLink(QObject* obj)
void LinkManager::deleteLink(LinkInterface* link)
// Be careful of the fact that by the time this signal makes it through the queue
// the link object has already been destructed.
LinkInterface* link = static_cast<LinkInterface*>(obj);
for (int i=0; i < _links.size(); i++)
_links.removeAt(i); //remove from link list
// Remove link from protocol map
QList<ProtocolInterface* > protocols = _protocolLinks.keys(link);
foreach (ProtocolInterface* proto, protocols)
foreach (ProtocolInterface* proto, protocols) {
_protocolLinks.remove(proto, link);
// Emit removal of link
emit linkRemoved(link);
* The access time is linear in the number of links.
* @param id link identifier to search for
* @return A pointer to the link or NULL if not found
LinkInterface* LinkManager::getLinkForId(int id)
LinkInterface* linkret = NULL;
foreach (LinkInterface* link, _links)
if (link->getId() == id)
linkret = link;
return linkret;
emit linkDeleted(link);
link->_deletedByLinkManager = true; // Signal that this is a valid delete
delete link;
......@@ -301,4 +274,3 @@ void LinkManager::setConnectionsSuspended(QString reason)
_connectionsSuspendedReason = reason;
......@@ -42,6 +42,8 @@ This file is part of the PIXHAWK project
#include "ProtocolInterface.h"
#include "QGCSingleton.h"
class LinkManagerTest;
* The Link Manager organizes the physical Links. It can manage arbitrary
* links and takes care of connecting them as well assigning the correct
......@@ -60,15 +62,10 @@ public:
void run();
QList<LinkInterface*> getLinksForProtocol(ProtocolInterface* protocol);
ProtocolInterface* getProtocolForLink(LinkInterface* link);
/** @brief Get the link for this id */
LinkInterface* getLinkForId(int id);
/** @brief Get a list of all links */
const QList<LinkInterface*> getLinks();
......@@ -86,11 +83,15 @@ public:
/// @brief Sets the flag to allow new connections to be made
void setConnectionsAllowed(void) { _connectionsSuspended = false; }
/// @brief Deletes the specified link. Will disconnect if connected.
void deleteLink(LinkInterface* link);
public slots:
/// @brief Adds the link to the LinkManager. No need to remove a link you added. Just delete it and LinkManager will pick up on
/// that and remove the link from the list.
/// @brief Adds the link to the LinkManager. LinkManager takes ownership of this object. To delete
// it, call LinkManager::deleteLink.
void add(LinkInterface* link);
void addProtocol(LinkInterface* link, ProtocolInterface* protocol);
bool connectAll();
......@@ -101,15 +102,16 @@ public slots:
void newLink(LinkInterface* link);
void linkRemoved(LinkInterface* link);
void linkDeleted(LinkInterface* link);
/// @brief All access to LinkManager is through LinkManager::instance
LinkManager(QObject* parent = NULL);
LinkManager(QObject* parent = NULL, bool registerSingleton = true);
static LinkManager* _instance;
// LinkManager unit test is allowed to new LinkManager objects
friend class LinkManagerTest;
void _removeLink(QObject* obj);
static LinkManager* _instance;
QList<LinkInterface*> _links;
QMultiMap<ProtocolInterface*,LinkInterface*> _protocolLinks;
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