Commit 85a8daf3 authored by PX4BuildBot's avatar PX4BuildBot

Update PX4 Firmware metadata Tue Nov 12 03:57:45 UTC 2019

parent c5838fd5
......@@ -439,6 +439,11 @@
<output name="MAIN3">motor 3</output>
<output name="MAIN4">motor 4</output>
<airframe id="4500" maintainer="Oleg Kalachev &lt;;" name="COEX Clover 4">
<maintainer>Oleg Kalachev &lt;;</maintainer>
<type>Quadrotor x</type>
<airframe id="4900" maintainer="Dennis Shtatov &lt;;" name="Crazyflie 2">
<maintainer>Dennis Shtatov &lt;;</maintainer>
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