Commit 80ff9f6e authored by dogmaphobic's avatar dogmaphobic

Removing old Primary Flight Display.

parent c2082c81
......@@ -338,7 +338,6 @@ HEADERS += \
src/ui/uas/UASQuickViewGaugeItem.h \
src/ui/QGCTabbedInfoView.h \
src/ui/UASRawStatusView.h \
src/ui/PrimaryFlightDisplay.h \
src/ui/uas/UASMessageView.h \
src/ui/JoystickButton.h \
src/ui/JoystickAxis.h \
......@@ -479,7 +478,6 @@ SOURCES += \
src/ui/uas/ \
src/ui/QGCTabbedInfoView.cpp \
src/ui/UASRawStatusView.cpp \
src/ui/ \
src/ui/ \
src/ui/ \
src/ui/uas/ \
......@@ -60,7 +60,6 @@ This file is part of the QGROUNDCONTROL project
#include "Linecharts.h"
#include "QGCTabbedInfoView.h"
#include "UASRawStatusView.h"
#include "PrimaryFlightDisplay.h"
#include "QGCFlightDisplay.h"
#include "SetupView.h"
#include "SerialSettingsDialog.h"
......@@ -461,7 +460,6 @@ void MainWindow::_buildExperimentalPlanView(void)
void MainWindow::_buildFlightView(void)
if (!_flightView) {
//_pilotView = new PrimaryFlightDisplay(this);
_flightView = new QGCFlightDisplay(this);
......@@ -576,7 +574,6 @@ void MainWindow::_createInnerDockWidget(const QString& widgetName)
widget = hddisplay;
} else if (widgetName == _pfdDockWidgetName) {
widget = new QGCFlightDisplay(this);
//widget = new PrimaryFlightDisplay(this);
} else if (widgetName == _hudDockWidgetName) {
widget = new HUD(320,240,this);
} else if (widgetName == _uasInfoViewDockWidgetName) {
This diff is collapsed.
#include <QWidget>
#include <QPen>
#include "UASInterface.h"
class PrimaryFlightDisplay : public QWidget
PrimaryFlightDisplay(QWidget* parent = NULL);
public slots:
/** @brief Attitude from main autopilot / system state */
void updateAttitude(UASInterface* uas, double roll, double pitch, double yaw, quint64 timestamp);
/** @brief Attitude from one specific component / redundant autopilot */
void updateAttitude(UASInterface* uas, int component, double roll, double pitch, double yaw, quint64 timestamp);
void updateSpeed(UASInterface* uas, double _groundSpeed, double _airSpeed, quint64 timestamp);
void updateAltitude(UASInterface* uas, double _altitudeAMSL, double _altitudeWGS84, double _altitudeRelative, double _climbRate, quint64 timestamp);
void updateNavigationControllerErrors(UASInterface* uas, double altitudeError, double speedError, double xtrackError);
void UpdateNavigationControllerData(UASInterface *uas, float navRoll, float navPitch, float navBearing, float targetBearing, float targetDistance);
/** @brief Set the currently monitored UAS */
void forgetUAS(UASInterface* uas);
void setActiveUAS(UASInterface* uas);
void checkUpdate();
bool _valuesChanged;
quint64 _valuesLastPainted;
enum Layout {
COMPASS_SEPARATED // For a very high container. Feature panels are at bottom.
enum Style {
NO_OVERLAYS, // Hzon not visible through tapes nor through feature panels. Frames with margins between.
OVERLAY_HORIZONTAL, // Hzon visible through tapes and (frameless) feature panels.
OVERLAY_HSI // Hzon visible through everything except bottom feature panels.
void paintEvent(QPaintEvent *event);
void resizeEvent(QResizeEvent *e);
// from HUD.h:
/** @brief Preferred Size */
QSize sizeHint() const;
/** @brief Start updating widget */
void showEvent(QShowEvent* event);
/** @brief Stop updating widget */
void hideEvent(QHideEvent* event);
void visibilityChanged(bool visible);
* There are at least these differences between airplane and copter PDF view:
* - Airplane show absolute altutude in altimeter, copter shows relative to home
bool isAirplane();
bool shouldDisplayNavigationData();
void drawTextCenter(QPainter& painter, QString text, float fontSize, float x, float y);
void drawTextLeftCenter(QPainter& painter, QString text, float fontSize, float x, float y);
void drawTextRightCenter(QPainter& painter, QString text, float fontSize, float x, float y);
void drawTextCenterBottom(QPainter& painter, QString text, float fontSize, float x, float y);
void drawTextCenterTop(QPainter& painter, QString text, float fontSize, float x, float y);
void drawAIGlobalFeatures(QPainter& painter, QRectF mainArea, QRectF paintArea);
void drawAIAirframeFixedFeatures(QPainter& painter, QRectF area);
void drawPitchScale(QPainter& painter, QRectF area, float intrusion, bool drawNumbersLeft, bool drawNumbersRight);
void drawRollScale(QPainter& painter, QRectF area, bool drawTicks, bool drawNumbers);
void drawAIAttitudeScales(QPainter& painter, QRectF area, float intrusion);
void drawAICompassDisk(QPainter& painter, QRectF area, float halfspan);
void drawSeparateCompassDisk(QPainter& painter, QRectF area);
void drawAltimeter(QPainter& painter, QRectF area);
void drawVelocityMeter(QPainter& painter, QRectF area);
void fillInstrumentBackground(QPainter& painter, QRectF edge);
void fillInstrumentOpagueBackground(QPainter& painter, QRectF edge);
void drawInstrumentBackground(QPainter& painter, QRectF edge);
/* This information is not currently included. These headers left in as a memo for restoration later.
void drawLinkStatsPanel(QPainter& painter, QRectF area);
void drawSysStatsPanel(QPainter& painter, QRectF area);
void drawMissionStatsPanel(QPainter& painter, QRectF area);
void drawSensorsStatsPanel(QPainter& painter, QRectF area);
void doPaint();
UASInterface* uas; ///< The uas currently monitored
bool didReceiveSpeed;
float roll;
float pitch;
float heading;
float altitudeAMSL;
float altitudeWGS84;
float altitudeRelative;
// APM: GPS and baro mix above home (GPS) altitude. This value comes from the GLOBAL_POSITION_INT message.
// Do !!!NOT!!! ever do altitude calculations at the ground station. There are enough pitfalls already.
// If the MP "set home altitude" button is migrated to here, it must set the UAS home altitude, not a GS-local one.
float aboveHomeAltitude;
float groundSpeed;
float airSpeed;
float climbRate;
float navigationAltitudeError;
float navigationSpeedError;
float navigationCrosstrackError;
float navigationTargetBearing;
Layout layout; // The display layout.
Style style; // The AI style (tapes translucent or opague)
// TODO: Use stylesheet colors?
QColor redColor;
QColor amberColor;
QColor greenColor;
qreal lineWidth;
qreal fineLineWidth;
qreal smallTextSize;
qreal mediumTextSize;
qreal largeTextSize;
// Globally used stuff only.
QPen instrumentEdgePen;
QBrush instrumentBackground;
QBrush instrumentOpagueBackground;
QFont font;
QTimer* refreshTimer; ///< The main timer, controls the update rate
static const int tickValues[];
static const QString compassWindNames[];
static const int updateInterval = 50;
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