Commit 80ef4da8 authored by Nate Weibley's avatar Nate Weibley

New parameter cache loading spec

 - Request list of all parameters, expecting device to lead each component with _HASH_CHECK cache value
 - Test for hash collision, if so our cache is valid and respond with _HASH_CHECK to stop listing
 - Else: let listing continue as normal to get updated param values
 - Store each cache by systemID + componentID

For #2586
parent 1f63fcfb
......@@ -434,3 +434,28 @@ FactMetaData::ValueType_t FactMetaData::stringToType(const QString& typeString,
return valueTypeDouble;
size_t FactMetaData::typeToSize(ValueType_t type)
switch (type) {
case valueTypeUint8:
case valueTypeInt8:
return 1;
case valueTypeUint16:
case valueTypeInt16:
return 2;
case valueTypeUint32:
case valueTypeInt32:
case valueTypeFloat:
return 4;
case valueTypeDouble:
return 8;
qWarning() << "Unsupported fact value type" << type;
return 4;
......@@ -121,6 +121,7 @@ public:
static const int defaultDecimalPlaces = 3;
static ValueType_t stringToType(const QString& typeString, bool& unknownType);
static size_t typeToSize(ValueType_t);
QVariant _minForType(void) const;
......@@ -78,8 +78,9 @@ ParameterLoader::ParameterLoader(AutoPilotPlugin* autopilot, Vehicle* vehicle, Q
connect(_vehicle->uas(), &UASInterface::parameterUpdate, this, &ParameterLoader::_parameterUpdate);
/* Initially attempt a local cache load, refresh over the link if it fails */
// Ensure the cache directory exists
......@@ -120,7 +121,7 @@ void ParameterLoader::_parameterUpdate(int uasId, int componentId, QString param
if (parameterName == "_HASH_CHECK") {
/* we received a cache hash, potentially load from cache */
_tryCacheHashLoad(uasId, value);
_tryCacheHashLoad(uasId, componentId, value);
......@@ -269,7 +270,7 @@ void ParameterLoader::_parameterUpdate(int uasId, int componentId, QString param
if (waitingParamCount == 0) {
// Now that we know vehicle is up to date persist
_writeLocalParamCache(uasId, componentId);
......@@ -604,40 +605,42 @@ void ParameterLoader::_writeParameterRaw(int componentId, const QString& paramNa
_vehicle->sendMessageOnLink(_dedicatedLink, msg);
void ParameterLoader::_writeLocalParamCache()
void ParameterLoader::_writeLocalParamCache(int uasId, int componentId)
QMap<int, MapID2NamedParam> cache_map;
MapID2NamedParam cache_map;
foreach(int component, _mapParameterId2Name.keys()) {
foreach(int id, _mapParameterId2Name[component].keys()) {
const QString name(_mapParameterId2Name[component][id]);
const Fact *fact = _mapParameterName2Variant[component][name].value<Fact*>();
cache_map[component][id] = NamedParam(name, ParamTypeVal(fact->type(), fact->rawValue()));
foreach(int id, _mapParameterId2Name[componentId].keys()) {
const QString name(_mapParameterId2Name[componentId][id]);
const Fact *fact = _mapParameterName2Variant[componentId][name].value<Fact*>();
cache_map[id] = NamedParam(name, ParamTypeVal(fact->type(), fact->rawValue()));
QFile cache_file(QFileInfo(QSettings().fileName()).path() + QDir::separator() + "param_cache");
QFile cache_file(parameterCacheFile(uasId, componentId)); | QIODevice::Truncate);
QDataStream ds(&cache_file);
ds << cache_map;
QString ParameterLoader::parameterCacheFile(void)
QDir ParameterLoader::parameterCacheDir()
const QString spath(QFileInfo(QSettings().fileName()).dir().absolutePath());
return spath + QDir::separator() + "ParamCache";
QString ParameterLoader::parameterCacheFile(int uasId, int componentId)
const QDir settingsDir(QFileInfo(QSettings().fileName()).dir());
return settingsDir.filePath("param_cache");
return parameterCacheDir().filePath(QString("%1_%2").arg(uasId).arg(componentId));
void ParameterLoader::_tryCacheHashLoad(int uasId, QVariant hash_value)
void ParameterLoader::_tryCacheHashLoad(int uasId, int componentId, QVariant hash_value)
uint32_t crc32_value = 0;
/* The datastructure of the cache table */
QMap<int, MapID2NamedParam> cache_map;
QFile cache_file(parameterCacheFile());
MapID2NamedParam cache_map;
QFile cache_file(parameterCacheFile(uasId, componentId));
if (!cache_file.exists()) {
/* no local cache, immediately refresh all params */
/* no local cache, just wait for them to come in*/
......@@ -647,29 +650,38 @@ void ParameterLoader::_tryCacheHashLoad(int uasId, QVariant hash_value)
ds >> cache_map;
/* compute the crc of the local cache to check against the remote */
foreach(int component, cache_map.keys()) {
foreach(int id, cache_map[component].keys()) {
const QString name(cache_map[component][id].first);
const void *vdat = cache_map[component][id].second.second.constData();
crc32_value = QGC::crc32((const uint8_t *)qPrintable(name), name.length(), crc32_value);
crc32_value = QGC::crc32((const uint8_t *)vdat, sizeof(uint32_t), crc32_value);
foreach(int id, cache_map.keys()) {
const QString name(cache_map[id].first);
const void *vdat = cache_map[id].second.second.constData();
const FactMetaData::ValueType_t fact_type = static_cast<FactMetaData::ValueType_t>(cache_map[id].second.first);
crc32_value = QGC::crc32((const uint8_t *)qPrintable(name), name.length(), crc32_value);
crc32_value = QGC::crc32((const uint8_t *)vdat, FactMetaData::typeToSize(fact_type), crc32_value);
if (crc32_value == hash_value.toUInt()) {
qCInfo(ParameterLoaderLog) << "Parameters loaded from cache" << qPrintable(QFileInfo(cache_file).absoluteFilePath());
/* if the two param set hashes match, just load from the disk */
foreach(int component, cache_map.keys()) {
int count = cache_map[component].count();
foreach(int id, cache_map[component].keys()) {
const QString &name = cache_map[component][id].first;
const QVariant &value = cache_map[component][id].second.second;
const int mavType = _factTypeToMavType(static_cast<FactMetaData::ValueType_t>(cache_map[component][id].second.first));
_parameterUpdate(uasId, component, name, count, id, mavType, value);
int count = cache_map.count();
foreach(int id, cache_map.keys()) {
const QString &name = cache_map[id].first;
const QVariant &value = cache_map[id].second.second;
const FactMetaData::ValueType_t fact_type = static_cast<FactMetaData::ValueType_t>(cache_map[id].second.first);
const int mavType = _factTypeToMavType(fact_type);
_parameterUpdate(uasId, componentId, name, count, id, mavType, value);
} else {
/* cache and remote hashes differ. Immediately request all params */
// Return the hash value to notify we don't want any more updates
mavlink_param_set_t p;
mavlink_param_union_t union_value;
p.param_type = MAV_PARAM_TYPE_UINT32;
strncpy(p.param_id, "_HASH_CHECK", sizeof(p.param_id));
union_value.param_uint32 = crc32_value;
p.param_value = union_value.param_float;
p.target_system = (uint8_t)_vehicle->id();
p.target_component = (uint8_t)componentId;
mavlink_message_t msg;
mavlink_msg_param_set_encode(_mavlink->getSystemId(), _mavlink->getComponentId(), &msg, &p);
_vehicle->sendMessageOnLink(_vehicle->priorityLink(), msg);
......@@ -53,8 +53,11 @@ public:
/// @return Directory of parameter caches
static QDir parameterCacheDir();
/// @return Location of parameter cache file
static QString parameterCacheFile(void);
static QString parameterCacheFile(int uasId, int componentId);
/// Returns true if the full set of facts are ready
bool parametersAreReady(void) { return _parametersReady; }
......@@ -120,8 +123,8 @@ private:
void _setupGroupMap(void);
void _readParameterRaw(int componentId, const QString& paramName, int paramIndex);
void _writeParameterRaw(int componentId, const QString& paramName, const QVariant& value);
void _writeLocalParamCache();
void _tryCacheHashLoad(int uasId, QVariant hash_value);
void _writeLocalParamCache(int uasId, int componentId);
void _tryCacheHashLoad(int uasId, int componentId, QVariant hash_value);
MAV_PARAM_TYPE _factTypeToMavType(FactMetaData::ValueType_t factType);
FactMetaData::ValueType_t _mavTypeToFactType(MAV_PARAM_TYPE mavType);
......@@ -374,7 +374,9 @@ QGCApplication::QGCApplication(int &argc, char* argv[], bool unitTesting)
QDir paramDir(ParameterLoader::parameterCacheDir());
_lastKnownHomePosition.setLatitude(settings.value(_lastKnownHomePositionLatKey, 37.803784).toDouble());
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