Unverified Commit 6db1e35a authored by Don Gagne's avatar Don Gagne Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #6042 from DonLakeFlyer/ParamMetaDataAgin

Fix meta data again
parents 10215bbd 43b30ba0
......@@ -3379,7 +3379,7 @@ by initializing the estimator to the LPE_LAT/LON parameters when global informat
<short_desc>Integer bitmask controlling data fusion</short_desc>
<long_desc>Set bits in the following positions to enable: 0 : Set to true to fuse GPS data if available, also requires GPS for altitude init 1 : Set to true to fuse optical flow data if available 2 : Set to true to fuse vision position 3 : Set to true to enable landing target 4 : Set to true to fuse land detector 5 : Set to true to publish AGL as local position down component 6 : Set to true to enable flow gyro compensation 7 : Set to true to enable baro fusion default (145 - GPS, baro, land detector)</long_desc>
<bit index="0"> fuse GPS, requires GPS for alt. init</bit>
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