Commit 521c7a5c authored by Don Gagne's avatar Don Gagne

Limit font pixel size to work around OSX El Capitan problem

parent e100631f
......@@ -12,8 +12,11 @@ Item {
readonly property real defaultFontPixelHeight: defaultFontPixelSize
readonly property real defaultFontPixelWidth: _textMeasure.fontWidth
readonly property real smallFontPixelSize: defaultFontPixelSize * ScreenToolsController.smallFontPixelSizeRatio
readonly property real mediumFontPixelSize: defaultFontPixelSize * ScreenToolsController.mediumFontPixelSizeRatio
readonly property real largeFontPixelSize: defaultFontPixelSize * ScreenToolsController.largeFontPixelSizeRatio
// On OSX ElCapitan with Qt 5.4.0 any font pixel size above 19 shows garbage test. No idea why at this point.
// Will remove Math.min when problem is figure out.
readonly property real mediumFontPixelSize: Math.min(defaultFontPixelSize * ScreenToolsController.mediumFontPixelSizeRatio, 19)
readonly property real largeFontPixelSize: Math.min(defaultFontPixelSize * ScreenToolsController.largeFontPixelSizeRatio, 19)
property bool isAndroid: ScreenToolsController.isAndroid
property bool isiOS: ScreenToolsController.isiOS
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