Commit 1fb6b144 authored by Don Gagne's avatar Don Gagne

MainWindow now disallows close if active connections

So no need for connect window close test here
parent cac402bb
......@@ -170,32 +170,3 @@ void MavlinkLogTest::_connectLog_test(void)
QTest::qWait(1000); // Need to allow signals to move between threads to shutdown MainWindow
void MavlinkLogTest::_connectLogWindowClose_test(void)
MainWindow* mainWindow = MainWindow::_create(NULL, MainWindow::CUSTOM_MODE_PX4);
LinkManager* linkMgr = LinkManager::instance();
MockLink* link = new MockLink();
// FIXME: LinkManager/MainWindow needs to be re-architected so that you don't have to addLink to MainWindow to get things to work
QTest::qWait(5000); // Give enough time for UI to settle and heartbeats to go through
// On Disconnect: We should get a getSaveFileName dialog.
QDir logSaveDir(QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::DocumentsLocation));
QString logSaveFile(logSaveDir.filePath(_saveLogFilename));
setExpectedFileDialog(getSaveFileName, QStringList(logSaveFile));
// MainWindow deletes itself on close
QTest::qWait(1000); // Need to allow signals to move between threads
// Make sure the file is there and delete it
QCOMPARE(logSaveDir.remove(_saveLogFilename), true);
......@@ -46,7 +46,6 @@ private slots:
void _bootLogDetectionSave_test(void);
void _bootLogDetectionZeroLength_test(void);
void _connectLog_test(void);
void _connectLogWindowClose_test(void);
void _createTempLogFile(bool zeroLength);
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