Commit 145575ae authored by PX4BuildBot's avatar PX4BuildBot

Update PX4 Firmware metadata Wed Dec 5 15:04:30 UTC 2018

parent c2db846e
......@@ -374,9 +374,9 @@
<maintainer>Henry Zhang &lt;;</maintainer>
<type>Quadrotor x</type>
<airframe id="4250" maintainer="Alex Klimaj &lt;;" name="Teal One">
<airframe id="4250" maintainer="Jacob Dahl &lt;;" name="Teal One">
<maintainer>Alex Klimaj &lt;;</maintainer>
<maintainer>Jacob Dahl &lt;;</maintainer>
<type>Quadrotor x</type>
<output name="MAIN1">motor 1</output>
<output name="MAIN2">motor 2</output>
......@@ -8238,6 +8238,11 @@ is less than 50% of this value</short_desc>
<long_desc>This parameter defines a rotational offset in degrees around the Z (Yaw) axis. It allows the user to fine tune the board offset in the event of misalignment.</long_desc>
<parameter default="0" name="SENS_EN_BATT" type="INT32">
<short_desc>SMBUS Smart battery driver (BQ40Z50)</short_desc>
<boolean />
<parameter default="0" name="SENS_EN_LL40LS" type="INT32">
<short_desc>Lidar-Lite (LL40LS)</short_desc>
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