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    Merge remote-tracking branch 'MavLink/master' into logHandling · d18a6b85
    dogmaphobic authored
    * MavLink/master:
      Warn on unsupported APM version
      APM stack does not support RC cal start/stop
      Harden code for missing params, handle APM special case
      Fix default comp id detection
      PX4 Firmware no longer requires mavlink USB start
      Standard sizing for QGCView::showDialog
      Standard sizing for QGCView::showDialog
      UAS Object: Avoid spamming the console on successful commands
      linux include required libraries
      Show enumStringValue if available
      Use combo box if enums available
      Set proper default mode for VTOL
      Teach mission manager about transition command
      Support camera and VTOL transition commands
      Better light disabled text color
      Add better button highlight color for light theme
      Change selected flight mode color
      Update README.md
      Simplifying Airframe config
      Fixing crash bug.
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