Related issues (STARTER)

Introduced in GitLab Starter 9.4.

Related issues are a bi-directional relationship between any two issues and appear in a block below the issue description. Issues can be across groups and projects.

The relationship only shows up in the UI if the user can see both issues.

Adding a related issue

You can relate one issue to another by clicking the related issues "+" button in the header of the related issue block. Then, input the issue reference number or paste in the full URL of the issue.

Issues of the same project can be specified just by the reference number. Issues from a different project require additional information like the group and the project name. For example:

  • same project: #44
  • same group: project#44
  • different group: group/project#44

Valid references will be added to a temporary list that you can review. When ready, click the green "Add related issues" button to submit.

Adding a related issue

Removing a related issue

In the related issues block, click the "x" icon on the right-side of each issue token that you wish to remove. Due to the bi-directional relationship, it will no longer appear in either issue.

Removing a related issue

Please access our permissions page for more information.

Additionally, you are also able to manage related issues through our API.