Unverified Commit feb7b592 authored by Don Gagne's avatar Don Gagne Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #6008 from DonLakeFlyer/RemoveHack

Hack dialog was causing extra window
parents 0bfa60ef 50cf3180
......@@ -244,21 +244,6 @@ MainWindow::MainWindow()
#ifdef __macos__
// This is a really ugly hack. For whatever reason, by having a QQuickWidget inside a
// QDockWidget (MainToolBar above), the main menu is not shown when the app first
// starts. I looked everywhere and I could not find a solution. What I did notice was
// that if any other window gets focus, the menu comes up when you come back to QGC.
// That is, if you were to click on another window and then back to QGC, the menus
// would appear. This hack below creates a 0x0 dialog and immediately closes it.
// That works around the issue and it will do until I find the root of the problem.
QDialog qd(this);
#ifndef __mobile__
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