Commit fc2c0bbe authored by Don Gagne's avatar Don Gagne

Remove deprecated methods

These are covered by SettingsGroups now
parent a56a153d
......@@ -26,8 +26,6 @@ public:
Q_PROPERTY(bool combineSettingsAndSetup READ combineSettingsAndSetup CONSTANT)
Q_PROPERTY(bool enableVirtualJoystick READ enableVirtualJoystick CONSTANT)
Q_PROPERTY(bool enableAutoConnectOptions READ enableAutoConnectOptions CONSTANT)
Q_PROPERTY(bool enableVideoSourceOptions READ enableVideoSourceOptions CONSTANT)
Q_PROPERTY(bool definesVideo READ definesVideo CONSTANT)
Q_PROPERTY(uint16_t videoUDPPort READ videoUDPPort CONSTANT)
......@@ -47,16 +45,6 @@ public:
@return false to disable Virtual Joysticks.
virtual bool enableVirtualJoystick () { return true; }
//! Should QGC allow setting auto-connect options?
@return false to disable auto-connect options.
virtual bool enableAutoConnectOptions () { return true; }
//! Should QGC allow setting video source options?
@return false to disable video source options.
virtual bool enableVideoSourceOptions () { return true; }
//! Does your plugin defines its on video source?
@return true to define your own video source.
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