Unverified Commit f9228056 authored by Daniel Agar's avatar Daniel Agar Committed by GitHub

travis-ci and vagrant don't fetch latest PX4 metadata (#5806)

parent 6b6b4c12
......@@ -144,10 +144,6 @@ install:
# grab latest PX4 parameter and airframe metadata
- wget --quiet http://px4-travis.s3.amazonaws.com/Firmware/master/parameters.xml -O src/FirmwarePlugin/PX4/PX4ParameterFactMetaData.xml
- wget --quiet http://px4-travis.s3.amazonaws.com/Firmware/master/airframes.xml -O src/AutoPilotPlugins/PX4/AirframeFactMetaData.xml
# switch android config from installer to release if the android storepass isn't available
- if [[ "${SPEC}" = "android-g++" && "${CONFIG}" = "installer" && -z ${ANDROID_STOREPASS} ]]; then
export CONFIG=release;
......@@ -65,10 +65,6 @@ Vagrant.configure(2) do |config|
su - vagrant -c 'cd %{project_root_dir}; tar jxf "%{qt_deps_tarball}" -C %{qt_deps_unpack_parent_dir}'
su - vagrant -c 'rm -rf %{shadow_build_dir}'
# grab latest PX4 parameter and airframe metadata
su - vagrant -c 'wget http://px4-travis.s3.amazonaws.com/Firmware/master/parameters.xml -O %{project_root_dir}/src/FirmwarePlugin/PX4/PX4ParameterFactMetaData.xml'
su - vagrant -c 'wget http://px4-travis.s3.amazonaws.com/Firmware/master/airframes.xml -O %{project_root_dir}/src/AutoPilotPlugins/PX4/AirframeFactMetaData.xml'
su - vagrant -c 'mkdir -p %{shadow_build_dir}'
su - vagrant -c "cd %{shadow_build_dir}; LD_LIBRARY_PATH=%{qt_deps_lib_unpack_dir} PATH=%{qt_deps_bin_unpack_dir}:\$PATH qmake -r %{pro} CONFIG+=\${CONFIG} CONFIG+=WarningsAsErrorsOn -spec %{spec}"
su - vagrant -c "cd %{shadow_build_dir}; LD_LIBRARY_PATH=%{qt_deps_lib_unpack_dir} PATH=%{qt_deps_bin_unpack_dir}:\$PATH make -j${JOBS}"
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