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snake mod

parent fbf79828
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......@@ -158,10 +158,6 @@ class Scenario{
void setServiceArea (const BoostPolygon &area);
void setCorridor (const BoostPolygon &area);
BoostPolygon &measurementArea();
BoostPolygon &serviceArea();
BoostPolygon &corridor();
const BoundingBox &mAreaBoundingBox() const;
const BoostPolygon &measurementArea() const;
......@@ -242,60 +238,31 @@ bool joinAreas(const std::vector<BoostPolygon> &areas,
BoostPolygon &joinedArea);
// Flightplan
// flight_plan
class Flightplan{
using ScenarioPtr = shared_ptr<Scenario>;
using ProgressPtr = shared_ptr<vector<int>>;
Flightplan(ScenarioPtr s, ScenarioPtr p);
const vector<BoostPoint> &waypoints(void) const {return _waypoints;}
const vector<BoostPoint> &arrivalPath(void) const {return _arrivalPath;}
const vector<BoostPoint> &returnPath(void) const {return _returnPath;}
double lineDistance() const;
void setLineDistance(double lineDistance);
double minTransectLengthconst;
void setMinTransectLength(double minTransectLength);
ScenarioPtr scenario() const;
void setScenario(ScenarioPtr &scenario);
ProgressPtr progress() const;
void setProgress(ProgressPtr &progress);
bool update();
string errorString;
// Search Filter to speed up routing.SolveWithParameters(...);
// Found here:
class SearchFilter;
struct RoutingDataModel;
bool _generateTransects();
void _generateRoutingModel(const BoostLineString &vertices,
const BoostPolygon &polygonOffset,
size_t n0,
RoutingDataModel &dataModel,
Matrix<double> &graph);
double _lineDistance;
double _minTransectLength;
shared_ptr<const Scenario> _pScenario;
shared_ptr<const vector<int>> _pProgress;
vector<BoostPoint> _waypoints;
vector<BoostPoint> _arrivalPath;
vector<BoostPoint> _returnPath;
vector<BoostLineString> _transects;
namespace detail {
const double offsetConstant = 0.1; // meter, polygon offset to compenstate for numerical inaccurracies.
namespace flight_plan{
using Transects = vector<BoostLineString>;
using Progress = vector<int>;
using Route = vector<BoostPoint>;
bool transectsFromScenario(Length distance,
Length minLength,
Angle angle,
const Scenario &scenario,
const Progress &p,
Transects &t,
string &errorString);
bool route(const BoostPolygon &area,
const Transects &transects,
Transects &transectsRouted,
Route &route,
string &errorString);
} // namespace flight_plan
namespace detail {
const double offsetConstant = 0.1; // meter, polygon offset to compenstate for numerical inaccurracies.
} // namespace detail
......@@ -3,7 +3,13 @@
#include <vector>
#include <array>
#include <boost/geometry.hpp>
#include <boost/units/systems/si.hpp>
#include <boost/units/systems/si/io.hpp>
#include <boost/units/systems/si/plane_angle.hpp>
#include <boost/units/systems/si/prefixes.hpp>
#include <boost/units/systems/angle/degrees.hpp>
namespace bg = boost::geometry;
namespace bu = boost::units;
......@@ -14,8 +20,10 @@ typedef bg::model::point<double, 2, bg::cs::cartesian> BoostPoint;
typedef bg::model::polygon<BoostPoint> BoostPolygon;
typedef bg::model::linestring<BoostPoint> BoostLineString;
typedef std::vector<std::vector<int64_t>> Int64Matrix;
typedef bg::model::box<BoostPoint> BoostBox;
typedef bu::quantity<bu::si::length> Length;
typedef bu::quantity<bu::si::area> Area;
typedef bu::quantity<bu::si::length, double> Length;
typedef bu::quantity<bu::si::area, double> Area;
typedef bu::quantity<bu::si::plane_angle, double> Angle;
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -57,7 +57,8 @@ protected:
bool precondition() const;
SnakeImplPtr _pImpl;
void resetWaypointData();
SnakeImplPtr pImpl;
......@@ -200,6 +200,18 @@ Fact *WimaController::altitude() {
return &_altitude;
QmlObjectListModel *WimaController::snakeTiles()
qWarning() << "using snake tile dummy";
return QmlObjectListModel();
QVariantList WimaController::snakeTileCenterPoints()
qWarning() << "using snakeTileCenterPoints dummy";
return QVariantList();
QVector<int> WimaController::nemoProgress() {
if ( _nemoProgress.progress().size() == _snakeTileCenterPoints.size() )
return _nemoProgress.progress();
......@@ -216,8 +216,8 @@ public:
Fact* snakeLineDistance (void) { return &_snakeLineDistance;}
Fact* snakeMinTransectLength (void) { return &_snakeMinTransectLength;}
// Snake data.
QmlObjectListModel* snakeTiles (void) { return _snakeTiles.QmlObjectListModel();}
QVariantList snakeTileCenterPoints (void) { return _snakeTileCenterPoints;}
QmlObjectListModel* snakeTiles (void);
QVariantList snakeTileCenterPoints (void);
QVector<int> nemoProgress (void);
int nemoStatus (void) const;
QString nemoStatusString (void) const;
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