Commit f34a0554 authored by PX4 Jenkins's avatar PX4 Jenkins Committed by Daniel Agar

Update PX4 Firmware metadata Fri Aug 3 04:37:52 UTC 2018

parent acf0e76c
......@@ -2448,6 +2448,14 @@ This is the ratio of static pressure error to dynamic pressure generated by a wi
<parameter default="90.0" name="FW_L1_R_SLEW_MAX" type="FLOAT">
<short_desc>L1 controller roll slew rate limit</short_desc>
<long_desc>The maxium change in roll angle setpoint per second.</long_desc>
<parameter default="1.3" name="FW_LND_AIRSPD_SC" type="FLOAT">
<short_desc>Min. airspeed scaling factor for landing</short_desc>
<long_desc>Multiplying this factor with the minimum airspeed of the plane gives the target airspeed the landing approach. FW_AIRSPD_MIN * FW_LND_AIRSPD_SC</long_desc>
......@@ -9841,6 +9849,12 @@ to fixed wing mode. Zero or negative values will produce an instant throttle ris
<parameter default="0" name="WEST_EN" type="INT32">
<short_desc>Enable Wind estimator</short_desc>
<boolean />
<parameter default="0.0001" name="WEST_SC_P_NOISE" type="FLOAT">
<short_desc>Wind estimator true airspeed scale process noise</short_desc>
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