Commit e1b7d61b authored by Julian Oes's avatar Julian Oes

Vehicle: fix removal of hashtag in statustext

This fixes a bug where a URL containing a hashtag (#) was displayed
without the hashtag.
parent a675b2b2
......@@ -1000,8 +1000,17 @@ void Vehicle::_chunkedStatusTextCompleted(uint8_t compId)
// If the message is NOTIFY or higher severity, or starts with a '#',
// then read it aloud.
if (messageText.startsWith("#") || severity <= MAV_SEVERITY_NOTICE) {
bool readAloud = false;
if (messageText.startsWith("#")) {
readAloud = true;
else if (severity <= MAV_SEVERITY_NOTICE) {
readAloud = true;
if (readAloud) {
if (!skipSpoken) {
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