Commit e1864d0b authored by Don Gagne's avatar Don Gagne

Filter out calibration messages

parent bdc3dff8
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ bool UASMessage::severityIsError()
UASMessageHandler::UASMessageHandler(QGCApplication* app)
: QGCTool(app)
, _activeUAS(NULL)
, _activeVehicle(NULL)
, _activeComponent(-1)
, _multiComp(false)
, _errorCount(0)
......@@ -87,27 +87,28 @@ void UASMessageHandler::clearMessages()
void UASMessageHandler::_activeVehicleChanged(Vehicle* vehicle)
// If we were already attached to an autopilot, disconnect it.
if (_activeUAS)
disconnect(_activeUAS, &UASInterface::textMessageReceived, this, &UASMessageHandler::handleTextMessage);
_activeUAS = NULL;
if (_activeVehicle) {
disconnect(_activeVehicle->uas(), &UASInterface::textMessageReceived, this, &UASMessageHandler::handleTextMessage);
_activeVehicle = NULL;
emit textMessageReceived(NULL);
// And now if there's an autopilot to follow, set up the UI.
if (vehicle)
UAS* uas = vehicle->uas();
// And now if there's an autopilot to follow, set up the UI.
if (vehicle) {
// Connect to the new UAS.
_activeUAS = uas;
connect(uas, &UASInterface::textMessageReceived, this, &UASMessageHandler::handleTextMessage);
_activeVehicle = vehicle;
connect(_activeVehicle->uas(), &UASInterface::textMessageReceived, this, &UASMessageHandler::handleTextMessage);
void UASMessageHandler::handleTextMessage(int, int compId, int severity, QString text)
// Hack to prevent calibration messages from cluttering things up
if (_activeVehicle->px4Firmware() && text.startsWith(QStringLiteral("[cal] "))) {
// Color the output depending on the message severity. We have 3 distinct cases:
// 1: If we have an ERROR or worse, make it bigger, bolder, and highlight it red.
......@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ private slots:
void _activeVehicleChanged(Vehicle* vehicle);
UASInterface* _activeUAS;
Vehicle* _activeVehicle;
int _activeComponent;
bool _multiComp;
QVector<UASMessage*> _messages;
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