Commit e073d2b9 authored by PX4BuildBot's avatar PX4BuildBot

Update PX4 Firmware metadata Tue Dec 4 06:16:27 UTC 2018

parent 377c22c7
......@@ -8680,24 +8680,6 @@ is less than 50% of this value</short_desc>
<short_desc>Float Demonstration Parameter in the Example</short_desc>
<group name="Syslink">
<parameter default="231" name="SLNK_RADIO_ADDR1" type="INT32">
<short_desc>Operating address of the NRF51 (most significant byte)</short_desc>
<parameter default="3890735079" name="SLNK_RADIO_ADDR2" type="INT32">
<short_desc>Operating address of the NRF51 (least significant 4 bytes)</short_desc>
<parameter default="80" name="SLNK_RADIO_CHAN" type="INT32">
<short_desc>Operating channel of the NRF51</short_desc>
<parameter default="2" name="SLNK_RADIO_RATE" type="INT32">
<short_desc>Operating datarate of the NRF51</short_desc>
<group name="System">
<parameter default="31" name="LED_RGB1_MAXBRT" type="INT32">
<short_desc>RGB Led brightness limit</short_desc>
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