Commit cd766d22 authored by PX4 Jenkins's avatar PX4 Jenkins Committed by Daniel Agar

Update PX4 Firmware metadata Sat Mar 3 22:37:06 CST 2018

parent 1248b79c
......@@ -8161,6 +8161,15 @@ This is used for gathering replay logs for the ekf2 module</short_desc>
<value code="23">Roll 270°, Yaw 135°</value>
<value code="24">Pitch 90°</value>
<value code="25">Pitch 270°</value>
<value code="26">Roll 270°, Yaw 270°</value>
<value code="27">Roll 180°, Pitch 270°</value>
<value code="28">Pitch 90°, Yaw 180</value>
<value code="29">Pitch 90°, Roll 90°</value>
<value code="30">Yaw 293°, Pitch 68°, Roll 90° (Solo)</value>
<value code="31">Pitch 90°, Roll 270°</value>
<value code="32">Pitch 9°, Yaw 180°</value>
<value code="33">Pitch 45°</value>
<value code="34">Pitch 315°</value>
<parameter default="0.0" name="SENS_BOARD_X_OFF" type="FLOAT">
......@@ -9489,7 +9498,7 @@ to accelerate forward if necessary</short_desc>
<short_desc>Front transition minimum time</short_desc>
<long_desc>Minimum time in seconds for front transition.</long_desc>
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