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Update for 5.5 only
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......@@ -33,11 +33,12 @@ QGroundControl builds are supported for OSX, Linux, Windows, iOS and Android. QG
* Windows: Vista or higher, 32 bit, [Visual Studio 2013 compiler](
* iOS: 8.0 and higher
* Android: Jelly Bean (4.1) and higher
* Qt version: 5.5.1 (or higher)
* Qt version: 5.5.1 ONLY
###### Install QT
You need to install Qt like this instead of using packages from say a Linux distribution because QGroundControl needs access to private Qt headers.
* Download the [Qt installer](
* Make sure to install Qt 5.5 version NOT 5.6
* Ubuntu: Set the downloaded file to executable using:`chmod +x`. Install to default location for use with ./ If you install Qt to a non-default location you will need to modify in order to run downloaded builds.
* Windows: Default installer not quite correct, use [this]( instead
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