Commit bb5ad4c1 authored by Don Gagne's avatar Don Gagne

Added --clear-settings command line option

Clears the persisted settings for the QGC
parent 6b2dc5d6
......@@ -47,6 +47,7 @@ This file is part of the QGROUNDCONTROL project
#include "MainWindow.h"
#include "QGCWelcomeMainWindow.h"
#include "GAudioOutput.h"
#include "CmdLineOptParser.h"
#include "OpalLink.h"
......@@ -82,12 +83,25 @@ QGCCore::QGCCore(bool firstStart, int &argc, char* argv[]) : QApplication(argc,
// Set settings format
// Check application settings
// clear them if they mismatch
// QGC then falls back to default
// Parse command line options
bool fClearSettingsOptions = false; // Clear stored settings
CmdLineOpt_t rgCmdLineOptions[] = {
{ "--clear-settings", &fClearSettingsOptions },
// Add additional command line option flags here
ParseCmdLineOptions(argc, argv, rgCmdLineOptions, sizeof(rgCmdLineOptions)/sizeof(rgCmdLineOptions[0]), false);
QSettings settings;
if (fClearSettingsOptions) {
// User requested settings to be cleared on command line
// Show user an upgrade message if QGC got upgraded (see code below, after splash screen)
bool upgraded = false;
enum MainWindow::CUSTOM_MODE mode = MainWindow::CUSTOM_MODE_NONE;
......@@ -98,7 +112,7 @@ QGCCore::QGCCore(bool firstStart, int &argc, char* argv[]) : QApplication(argc,
lastApplicationVersion = qgcVersion;
settings.clear(); // Clear settings from different version
// Write current application version
upgraded = true;
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