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Add bug report issue template

Based on the current procedures and discussions with developers on the #qgroundcontrol channel on Slack
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name: Bug report
about: Create a report to help us improve
The following template is for Issue/Bug reporting only.
For questions about how to use or build QGC see:
If you are using an old stable release please upgrade first and verify your issue before reporting.
## Expected Behavior
Please tell us what should happen as detailed as possible.
## Current Behavior
Please describe what happens instead of the expected behavior.
## Steps to Reproduce:
Please provide an unambiguous set of steps to reproduce the current behavior
## System Information
When posting bug reports, include the following information
- Operating System: [e.g. iOS 12.1, Windows 8, macOS Mojave 10.14.1, Ubuntu 14]
- QGC Version: [e.g. 3.4.4]
- QGC build: [e.g., daily, stable, self-built from source, etc...]
- Flight Controller: [e.g., Pixhawk I, Pixhawk Mini, Pixhawk 2, etc.]
- Autopilot (with version): [e.g., PX4 1.8.1, Ardupilot Copter 3.6.1]
## Detailed Description
Provide further details about your issue/bug.
## Log Files and Screenshots
- [QGC Console Logs](
- Autopilot logs when available (post a link).
- Screenshots of QGC to help identify the current issue/bug behavior.
name: Feature request
about: Suggest an idea for this project
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