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......@@ -137,7 +137,6 @@ Qt Creator is a full-blown development IDE. You can even debug right from within
* Single release congfiguration on Windows: If you want to build a vs project that does not create both debug and release builds. Include `CONFIG-=debug_and_release` on the qmake command line plus either `CONFIG+=debug` or
`CONFIG+=release` depending on the build type you want.
* Build using QtCreator: It is possible to build and debug using QtCreator as well. The above instructions should provide you with enough information to setup QtCreator on OSX and Linux. QtCreator on Windows is supposedly possible but we don't have any instructions available for that.
* Google Earth is only supported on 32 bit builds, which by default means only Windows builds.
* QGroundControl is using the Qt QLoggingCategory class for logging (<>). Since logging is on by default, an example qtlogging.ini file is included at the root of the repository which disables logging. Follow the instructions from Qt as to why and where to put this file. You can then edit the file to get a logging level that suits your needs.
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