Commit 850c9be0 authored by Don Gagne's avatar Don Gagne

Remove HDD, HUD, HSI

These use OpenGL implementation which prevented moving to ANGLE
support. Since they are rarely used they are being remove instead of
being upgrade.
parent 830d7dee
......@@ -161,7 +161,6 @@ INCLUDEPATH += \
FORMS += \
src/QGCQmlWidgetHolder.ui \
src/ui/HDDisplay.ui \
src/ui/Linechart.ui \
src/ui/LogReplayLinkConfigurationWidget.ui \
src/ui/MainWindow.ui \
......@@ -270,9 +269,6 @@ HEADERS += \
src/uas/UASInterface.h \
src/uas/UASMessageHandler.h \
src/uas/UASWaypointManager.h \
src/ui/HDDisplay.h \
src/ui/HSIDisplay.h \
src/ui/HUD.h \
src/ui/linechart/ChartPlot.h \
src/ui/linechart/IncrementalPlot.h \
src/ui/linechart/LinechartPlot.h \
......@@ -312,7 +308,6 @@ HEADERS += \
src/ui/QGCMAVLinkInspector.h \
src/ui/QGCMAVLinkLogPlayer.h \
src/ui/QGCPluginHost.h \
src/ui/QGCRGBDView.h \
src/ui/QGCTabbedInfoView.h \
src/ui/QGCTCPLinkConfiguration.h \
src/ui/QGCUASFileView.h \
......@@ -402,9 +397,6 @@ SOURCES += \
src/uas/ \
src/uas/ \
src/uas/ \
src/ui/ \
src/ui/ \
src/ui/ \
src/ui/linechart/ \
src/ui/linechart/ \
src/ui/linechart/ \
......@@ -444,7 +436,6 @@ SOURCES += \
src/ui/ \
src/ui/ \
src/ui/ \
src/ui/ \
src/ui/QGCTabbedInfoView.cpp \
src/ui/ \
src/ui/ \
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QGroundControl Open Source Ground Control Station
This file is part of the QGROUNDCONTROL project
QGROUNDCONTROL is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
QGROUNDCONTROL is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with QGROUNDCONTROL. If not, see <>.
* @file
* @brief Definition of Head Down Display (HDD)
* @author Lorenz Meier <>
#include <QGraphicsView>
#include <QColor>
#include <QTimer>
#include <QFontDatabase>
#include <QMap>
#include <QContextMenuEvent>
#include <QPair>
#include <cmath>
#include "UASInterface.h"
#include "Vehicle.h"
namespace Ui
class HDDisplay;
* @brief Head Down Display Widget
* This widget is used for any head down display as base widget. It handles the basic widget setup
* each head down instrument has a virtual screen size in millimeters as base coordinate system
* this virtual screen size is then scaled to pixels on the screen.
* When the pixel per millimeter ratio is known, a 1:1 representation is possible on the screen
class HDDisplay : public QGraphicsView
HDDisplay(const QStringList& plotList, QString title="", QWidget *parent = 0);
public slots:
/** @brief Update the HDD with new data */
void updateValue(const int uasId, const QString& name, const QString& unit, const QVariant &value, const quint64 msec);
/** @brief Connects a source to the updateValue() signals */
void addSource(QObject* obj);
/** @brief Disconnects a source to the updateValue() signals */
void removeSource(QObject* obj);
/** @brief Removes a plot item by the action data */
void removeItemByAction();
/** @brief Bring up the menu to add a gauge */
void addGauge();
/** @brief Add a gauge using this spec string */
void addGauge(const QString& gauge);
/** @brief Set the title of this widget and any existing parent dock widget */
void setTitle();
/** @brief Set the number of colums via popup */
void setColumns();
/** @brief Set the number of colums */
void setColumns(int cols);
/** @brief Save the current layout and state to disk */
void saveState();
/** @brief Restore the last layout and state from disk */
void restoreState();
protected slots:
void enableGLRendering(bool enable);
//void render(QPainter* painter, const QRectF& target = QRectF(), const QRect& source = QRect(), Qt::AspectRatioMode aspectRatioMode = Qt::KeepAspectRatio);
void renderOverlay();
void triggerUpdate();
/** @brief Adjust the size hint for the current gauge layout */
void adjustGaugeAspectRatio();
QSize sizeHint() const;
void changeEvent(QEvent* e);
void paintEvent(QPaintEvent* event);
void showEvent(QShowEvent* event);
void hideEvent(QHideEvent* event);
void contextMenuEvent(QContextMenuEvent* event);
QList<QAction*> getItemRemoveActions();
void createActions();
float refLineWidthToPen(float line);
float refToScreenX(float x);
float refToScreenY(float y);
float screenToRefX(float x);
float screenToRefY(float y);
void rotatePolygonClockWiseRad(QPolygonF& p, float angle, QPointF origin);
void drawPolygon(QPolygonF refPolygon, QPainter* painter);
void drawLine(float refX1, float refY1, float refX2, float refY2, float width, const QColor& color, QPainter* painter);
void drawEllipse(float refX, float refY, float radiusX, float radiusY, float lineWidth, const QColor& color, QPainter* painter);
void drawCircle(float refX, float refY, float radius, float lineWidth, const QColor& color, QPainter* painter);
void drawChangeRateStrip(float xRef, float yRef, float height, float minRate, float maxRate, float value, QPainter* painter);
void drawChangeIndicatorGauge(float xRef, float yRef, float radius, float expectedMaxChange, float value, const QColor& color, QPainter* painter, bool solid=true);
void drawGauge(float xRef, float yRef, float radius, float min, float max, const QString name, float value, const QColor& color, QPainter* painter, bool symmetric, QPair<float, float> goodRange, QPair<float, float> criticalRange, bool solid=true);
void drawSystemIndicator(float xRef, float yRef, int maxNum, float maxWidth, float maxHeight, QPainter* painter);
void paintText(QString text, QColor color, float fontSize, float refX, float refY, QPainter* painter);
// //Holds the current centerpoint for the view, used for panning and zooming
// QPointF currentCenterPoint;
// //From panning the view
// QPoint lastPanPoint;
// //Set the current centerpoint in the
// void setCenter(const QPointF& centerPoint);
// QPointF getCenter() { return currentCenterPoint; }
// //Take over the interaction
// virtual void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent* event);
// virtual void mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent* event);
// virtual void mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent* event);
// virtual void wheelEvent(QWheelEvent* event);
// virtual void resizeEvent(QResizeEvent* event);
UASInterface* uas; ///< The uas currently monitored
QMap<QString, double> values; ///< The variables this HUD displays
QMap<QString, QString> units; ///< The units
QMap<QString, float> valuesDot; ///< First derivative of the variable
QMap<QString, float> valuesMean; ///< Mean since system startup for this variable
QMap<QString, int> valuesCount; ///< Number of values received so far
QMap<QString, quint64> lastUpdate; ///< The last update time for this variable
QMap<QString, float> minValues; ///< The minimum value this variable is assumed to have
QMap<QString, float> maxValues; ///< The maximum value this variable is assumed to have
QMap<QString, bool> symmetric; ///< Draw the gauge / dial symmetric bool = yes
QMap<QString, bool> intValues; ///< Is the gauge value an integer?
QMap<QString, QString> customNames; ///< Custom names for the data names
QMap<QString, QPair<float, float> > goodRanges; ///< The range of good values
QMap<QString, QPair<float, float> > critRanges; ///< The range of critical values
double scalingFactor; ///< Factor used to scale all absolute values to screen coordinates
float xCenterOffset, yCenterOffset; ///< Offset from center of window in mm coordinates
float vwidth; ///< Virtual width of this window, 200 mm per default. This allows to hardcode positions and aspect ratios. This virtual image plane is then scaled to the window size.
float vheight; ///< Virtual height of this window, 150 mm per default
int xCenter; ///< Center of the HUD instrument in pixel coordinates. Allows to off-center the whole instrument in its OpenGL window, e.g. to fit another instrument
int yCenter; ///< Center of the HUD instrument in pixel coordinates. Allows to off-center the whole instrument in its OpenGL window, e.g. to fit another instrument
// HUD colors
QColor backgroundColor; ///< Background color
QColor defaultColor; ///< Color for most HUD elements, e.g. pitch lines, center cross, change rate gauges
QColor setPointColor; ///< Color for the current control set point, e.g. yaw desired
QColor warningColor; ///< Color for warning messages
QColor criticalColor; ///< Color for caution messages
QColor infoColor; ///< Color for normal/default messages
QColor fuelColor; ///< Current color for the fuel message, can be info, warning or critical color
// Blink rates
int warningBlinkRate; ///< Blink rate of warning messages, will be rounded to the refresh rate
QTimer* refreshTimer; ///< The main timer, controls the update rate
static const int updateInterval = 300; ///< Update interval in milliseconds
QPainter* hudPainter;
QFont font; ///< The HUD font, per default the free Bitstream Vera SANS, which is very close to actual HUD fonts
QFontDatabase fontDatabase;///< Font database, only used to load the TrueType font file (the HUD font is directly loaded from file rather than from the system)
bool hardwareAcceleration; ///< Enable hardware acceleration
float strongStrokeWidth; ///< Strong line stroke width, used throughout the HUD
float normalStrokeWidth; ///< Normal line stroke width, used throughout the HUD
float fineStrokeWidth; ///< Fine line stroke width, used throughout the HUD
QStringList* acceptList; ///< Variable names to plot
QStringList* acceptUnitList; ///< Unit names to plot
quint64 lastPaintTime; ///< Last time this widget was refreshed
int columns; ///< Number of instrument columns
QAction* addGaugeAction; ///< Action adding a gauge
QAction* setTitleAction; ///< Action setting the title
QAction* setColumnsAction; ///< Action setting the number of columns
bool valuesChanged;
private slots:
void _activeVehicleChanged(Vehicle* vehicle);
Ui::HDDisplay *m_ui;
#endif // HDDISPLAY_H
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ui version="4.0">
<widget class="QWidget" name="HDDisplay">
<property name="geometry">
<property name="windowTitle">
<layout class="QHBoxLayout" name="horizontalLayout">
<property name="margin">
<widget class="QGraphicsView" name="view"/>
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This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -55,7 +55,6 @@ This file is part of the QGROUNDCONTROL project
#include "QGCMapDisplay.h"
#include "MAVLinkDecoder.h"
#include "QGCMAVLinkMessageSender.h"
#include "QGCRGBDView.h"
#include "UASQuickView.h"
#include "QGCDataPlot2D.h"
#include "Linecharts.h"
......@@ -96,11 +95,7 @@ const char* MainWindow::_customCommandWidgetName = "CUSTOM_COMMAND_DOCKWIDGET";
const char* MainWindow::_filesDockWidgetName = "FILE_VIEW_DOCKWIDGET";
const char* MainWindow::_uasStatusDetailsDockWidgetName = "UAS_STATUS_DETAILS_DOCKWIDGET";
const char* MainWindow::_mapViewDockWidgetName = "MAP_VIEW_DOCKWIDGET";
const char* MainWindow::_hsiDockWidgetName = "HORIZONTAL_SITUATION_INDICATOR_DOCKWIDGET";
const char* MainWindow::_hdd1DockWidgetName = "HEAD_DOWN_DISPLAY_1_DOCKWIDGET";
const char* MainWindow::_hdd2DockWidgetName = "HEAD_DOWN_DISPLAY_2_DOCKWIDGET";
const char* MainWindow::_pfdDockWidgetName = "PRIMARY_FLIGHT_DISPLAY_DOCKWIDGET";
const char* MainWindow::_hudDockWidgetName = "HEAD_UP_DISPLAY_DOCKWIDGET";
const char* MainWindow::_uasInfoViewDockWidgetName = "UAS_INFO_INFOVIEW_DOCKWIDGET";
static MainWindow* _instance = NULL; ///< @brief MainWindow singleton
......@@ -403,11 +398,7 @@ void MainWindow::_buildCommonWidgets(void)
{ _filesDockWidgetName, "Onboard Files", Qt::RightDockWidgetArea },
{ _uasStatusDetailsDockWidgetName, "Status Details", Qt::RightDockWidgetArea },
{ _mapViewDockWidgetName, "Map view", Qt::RightDockWidgetArea },
{ _hsiDockWidgetName, "Horizontal Situation", Qt::BottomDockWidgetArea },
{ _hdd1DockWidgetName, "Flight Display", Qt::RightDockWidgetArea },
{ _hdd2DockWidgetName, "Actuator Status", Qt::RightDockWidgetArea },
{ _pfdDockWidgetName, "Primary Flight Display", Qt::RightDockWidgetArea },
{ _hudDockWidgetName, "Video Downlink", Qt::RightDockWidgetArea },
{ _uasInfoViewDockWidgetName, "Info View", Qt::LeftDockWidgetArea },
static const size_t cDockWidgetInfo = sizeof(rgDockWidgetInfo) / sizeof(rgDockWidgetInfo[0]);
......@@ -516,28 +507,8 @@ void MainWindow::_createInnerDockWidget(const QString& widgetName)
widget = new UASInfoWidget(this);
} else if (widgetName == _mapViewDockWidgetName) {
widget = new QGCMapTool(this);
} else if (widgetName == _hsiDockWidgetName) {
widget = new HSIDisplay(this);
} else if (widgetName == _hdd1DockWidgetName) {
QStringList acceptList;
HDDisplay *hddisplay = new HDDisplay(acceptList,"Flight Display",this);
widget = hddisplay;
} else if (widgetName == _hdd2DockWidgetName) {
QStringList acceptList;
HDDisplay *hddisplay = new HDDisplay(acceptList,"Actuator Status",this);
widget = hddisplay;
} else if (widgetName == _pfdDockWidgetName) {
widget = new FlightDisplayWidget(this);
} else if (widgetName == _hudDockWidgetName) {
widget = new HUD(320,240,this);
} else if (widgetName == _uasInfoViewDockWidgetName) {
QGCTabbedInfoView* pInfoView = new QGCTabbedInfoView(this);
......@@ -50,8 +50,6 @@ This file is part of the QGROUNDCONTROL project
#include "Mouse6dofInput.h"
#include "ParameterEditorWidget.h"
#include "HDDisplay.h"
#include "HSIDisplay.h"
#include "opmapcontrol.h"
#include "MainToolBar.h"
#include "LogCompressor.h"
......@@ -298,11 +296,7 @@ private:
static const char* _filesDockWidgetName;
static const char* _uasStatusDetailsDockWidgetName;
static const char* _mapViewDockWidgetName;
static const char* _hsiDockWidgetName;
static const char* _hdd1DockWidgetName;
static const char* _hdd2DockWidgetName;
static const char* _pfdDockWidgetName;
static const char* _hudDockWidgetName;
static const char* _uasInfoViewDockWidgetName;
QMap<QString, QDockWidget*> _mapName2DockWidget;
This diff is collapsed.
#include "HUD.h"
#include "Vehicle.h"
class QGCRGBDView : public HUD
explicit QGCRGBDView(int width=640, int height=480, QWidget *parent = 0);
public slots:
void clearData(void);
void enableRGB(bool enabled);
void enableDepth(bool enabled);
void updateData(UASInterface *uas);
bool rgbEnabled;
bool depthEnabled;
QAction* enableRGBAction;
QAction* enableDepthAction;
void contextMenuEvent (QContextMenuEvent* event);
/** @brief Store current configuration of widget */
void storeSettings();
/** @brief Load configuration of widget */
void loadSettings();
private slots:
void _activeVehicleChanged(Vehicle* vehicle);
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