Commit 80269dbd authored by PX4BuildBot's avatar PX4BuildBot

Update PX4 Firmware metadata Thu Feb 28 02:57:32 UTC 2019

parent 08f40035
......@@ -3889,6 +3889,11 @@ Used to calculate increased terrain random walk nosie due to movement</short_des
<parameter default="0" name="MIS_TAKEOFF_REQ" type="INT32">
<short_desc>Take-off waypoint required</short_desc>
<long_desc>If set, the mission feasibility checker will check for a takeoff waypoint on the mission.</long_desc>
<boolean />
<parameter default="12.0" name="MIS_YAW_ERR" type="FLOAT">
<short_desc>Max yaw error in degrees needed for waypoint heading acceptance</short_desc>
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