Commit 7cc48870 authored by Willian Galvani's avatar Willian Galvani

PositionManager: fix bad cleaning of pointers

parent 671e445d
......@@ -50,8 +50,19 @@ void QGCPositionManager::setToolbox(QGCToolbox *toolbox)
void QGCPositionManager::setNmeaSourceDevice(QIODevice* device)
// stop and release _nmeaSource
if (_nmeaSource) {
// if _currentSource is pointing there, point to null
if (_currentSource == _nmeaSource){
_currentSource = nullptr;
delete _nmeaSource;
_nmeaSource = nullptr;
_nmeaSource = new QNmeaPositionInfoSource(QNmeaPositionInfoSource::RealTimeMode, this);
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