Commit 7c2aaf21 authored by mantelt's avatar mantelt

Allow setting MAVLINK dialect in user_config.pri

parent 30af7f8d
......@@ -97,6 +97,11 @@ exists(user_config.pri):infile(user_config.pri, CONFIG) {
message($$sprintf("Using user-supplied additional config: '%1' specified in user_config.pri", $$fromfile(user_config.pri, CONFIG)))
exists(user_config.pri):infile(user_config.pri, MAVLINK_CONF) {
MAVLINK_CONF = $$fromfile(user_config.pri, MAVLINK_CONF)
message($$sprintf("Using user-supplied mavlink dialect: '%1' specified in user_config.pri", $$fromfile(user_config.pri, MAVLINK_CONF)))
# Custom Build
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