Commit 78155168 authored by Thomas Gubler's avatar Thomas Gubler Committed by Thomas Gubler

[Survey transects generation] introduce polygon list

parent 85ad87bb
......@@ -1115,7 +1115,14 @@ void SurveyComplexItem::_rebuildTransectsPhase1Worker(bool refly)
polygon << polygonPoints[0];
_rebuildTranscetsFromPolygon(refly, polygon, tangentOrigin);
// Create list of separate polygons
QList<QPolygonF> polygons;
polygons << polygon;
// iterate over polygons
for (const auto& p : polygons) {
_rebuildTranscetsFromPolygon(refly, p, tangentOrigin);
void SurveyComplexItem::_rebuildTranscetsFromPolygon(bool refly, const QPolygonF& polygon, const QGeoCoordinate& tangentOrigin)
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