Commit 71f74f3f authored by Don Gagne's avatar Don Gagne Committed by Lorenz Meier

Add error offset

parent af0131b6
......@@ -1207,7 +1207,7 @@ QMap<QString, FactMetaData*> FactMetaData::createMapFromJsonFile(const QString&
QJsonParseError jsonParseError;
QJsonDocument doc = QJsonDocument::fromJson(bytes, &jsonParseError);
if (jsonParseError.error != QJsonParseError::NoError) {
qWarning() << "Unable to parse json document" << jsonFilename << jsonParseError.errorString();
qWarning() << "Unable to parse json document filename:error:offset" << jsonFilename << jsonParseError.errorString() << jsonParseError.offset;
return metaDataMap;
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