Commit 63eadb4e authored by Nate Weibley's avatar Nate Weibley

Add Intel PowerVR based GPUs to the naughty list

If PowerVR (Atom) users still have problems we may need to degrade as far as software rendering
parent 67319de2
......@@ -31,7 +31,12 @@
"0x2E12", "0x2E13",
"0x2E32", "0x2E33",
"0x2E22", "0x2E23",
"0x2A42", "0x2A43"
"0x2A42", "0x2A43",
"0x8108", "0x8109",
"0x0BE0", "0x0BE1", "0x0BE2", "0x0BE0",
"0x08C7", "0x08C8", "0x08C9", "0x08CA", "0x08CB", "0x08CC", "0x08CD", "0x08CE", "0x08CF"
"os": {
"type": "win"
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