Commit 604752c6 authored by Thomas Gubler's avatar Thomas Gubler

espeak: update readme

parent 34f11cca
......@@ -93,8 +93,9 @@ To build on Linux:
2. **[OPTIONAL]** Install additional libraries
* For text-to-speech (espeak)
* For Ubuntu: `sudo apt-get install espeak`
* For Fedora: `sudo yum install espeak`
* For Ubuntu: `sudo apt-get install espeak libespeak-dev`
* For Fedora: `sudo yum install espeak espeak-devel`
* For Arch Linux: `pacman -Sy espeak`
* For 3D flight view (openscenegraph)
* For Ubuntu: `sudo apt-get install libopenscenegraph-dev`
* For Fedora: `sudo yum install OpenSceneGraph-qt-devel`
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