Commit 5a26408e authored by Gus Grubba's avatar Gus Grubba

Merge pull request #2036 from dogmaphobic/iconTweaks

Fixing Trashcan Icon
parents 502f51ab 5b865b8d
...@@ -5,11 +5,7 @@ ...@@ -5,11 +5,7 @@
<g> <g>
<path fill="none" d="M-71.309,68.986"/> <path fill="none" d="M-71.309,68.986"/>
</g> </g>
<g> <rect x="-66.01" y="64" fill="#FFFFFF" width="26.019" height="5.33"/>
<g> <path fill="#FFFFFF" d="M-39.99,70.89h-26.019V100h26.019L-39.99,70.89L-39.99,70.89z M-43.423,96.166h-3.6V75.034h3.6V96.166z
<rect x="-72.515" y="55" fill="#FFFFFF" width="39.029" height="7.995"/> M-51.2,96.166h-3.6V75.034h3.6V96.166z M-58.645,96.166h-3.6V75.034h3.6V96.166z"/>
<path fill="#FFFFFF" d="M-33.485,65.336h-39.029V109h39.029L-33.485,65.336L-33.485,65.336z M-61.584,103.037h-3.158V71.298h3.158
V103.037z M-51.42,103.037h-3.158V71.298h3.158V103.037z M-41.257,103.037h-3.158V71.298h3.158V103.037z"/>
</svg> </svg>
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