Commit 571ceedc authored by Bryant's avatar Bryant

Build: Remove libfreenect that was accidently re-added in previous merge.

 (originally removed in 436d0f78)
parent 9982bcd5
......@@ -337,30 +337,6 @@ LinuxBuild : contains(MAVLINK_DIALECT, pixhawk) {
message("Skipping support for Protocol Buffers (unsupported platform)")
# [OPTIONAL] Kinect support using libfreenect on POSIX systems.
message("Skipping support for the Kinect (manual override from command line)")
# Otherwise the user can still disable this feature in the user_config.pri file.
} else:infile(user_config.pri, DEFINES, DISABLE_KINECT) {
message("Skipping support for the Kinext (manual override from user_config.pri)")
} else:MacBuild | LinuxBuild {
exists(/opt/local/include/libfreenect) | exists(/usr/local/include/libfreenect) {
message("Including support for the Kinect")
LIBS += -lfreenect
HEADERS += src/input/Freenect.h
SOURCES += src/input/
} else {
warning("Skipping support for the Kinect (missing libraries, see README)")
} else {
message("Skipping support for the Kinect (unsupported platform)")
# [REQUIRED] EIGEN matrix library
# NOMINMAX constant required to make internal min/max work.
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