Commit 4e611ec0 authored by DonLakeFlyer's avatar DonLakeFlyer

More Heli setup

parent d2924c95
......@@ -3919,7 +3919,10 @@
<field name="UnitText">PWM in microseconds</field>
<param humanName="Collective Control Direction" name="H_COL_CTRL_DIR" documentation="Collective Control Direction - 0 for Normal. 1 for Reversed" user="Standard">
<field name="Values">0: Normal, 1: Reversed</field>
<value code="0">Normal</value>
<value code="1">Reversed</value>
<param humanName="Servo 1 Position" name="H_SV1_POS" documentation="Angular location of swash servo #1" user="Standard">
<field name="Range">-180 180</field>
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