Commit 42c15ee2 authored by Matej Frančeškin's avatar Matej Frančeškin Committed by Andrew Voznytsa

Fix for display of thermal video stream

parent 9734bf55
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ public:
Q_PROPERTY(double hfov READ hfov NOTIFY aspectRatioChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(double thermalHfov READ thermalHfov NOTIFY aspectRatioChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool autoStreamConfigured READ autoStreamConfigured NOTIFY autoStreamConfiguredChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool hasThermal READ hasThermal NOTIFY aspectRatioChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool hasThermal READ hasThermal NOTIFY decodingChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(QString imageFile READ imageFile NOTIFY imageFileChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool streaming READ streaming NOTIFY streamingChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool decoding READ decoding NOTIFY decodingChanged)
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