Commit 3fbf2893 authored by PX4BuildBot's avatar PX4BuildBot

Update PX4 Firmware metadata Wed May 6 00:54:46 UTC 2020

parent bcea3449
......@@ -8733,6 +8733,14 @@ is less than 50% of this value</short_desc>
<value code="2000">2000 Hz</value>
<parameter default="200" name="IMU_INTEG_RATE" type="INT32">
<short_desc>IMU integration rate</short_desc>
<long_desc>The rate at which raw IMU data is integrated to produce delta angles and delta velocities.</long_desc>
<parameter default="18139" name="INA226_CONFIG" type="INT32">
<short_desc>INA226 Power Monitor Config</short_desc>
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