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Remove HDD, HUD, HSI
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......@@ -162,7 +162,6 @@ INCLUDEPATH += \
FORMS += \
src/QGCQmlWidgetHolder.ui \
src/ui/HDDisplay.ui \
src/ui/Linechart.ui \
src/ui/LogReplayLinkConfigurationWidget.ui \
src/ui/MainWindow.ui \
......@@ -272,9 +271,6 @@ HEADERS += \
src/uas/UASInterface.h \
src/uas/UASMessageHandler.h \
src/uas/UASWaypointManager.h \
src/ui/HDDisplay.h \
src/ui/HSIDisplay.h \
src/ui/HUD.h \
src/ui/linechart/ChartPlot.h \
src/ui/linechart/IncrementalPlot.h \
src/ui/linechart/LinechartPlot.h \
......@@ -314,7 +310,6 @@ HEADERS += \
src/ui/QGCMAVLinkInspector.h \
src/ui/QGCMAVLinkLogPlayer.h \
src/ui/QGCPluginHost.h \
src/ui/QGCRGBDView.h \
src/ui/QGCTabbedInfoView.h \
src/ui/QGCTCPLinkConfiguration.h \
src/ui/QGCUASFileView.h \
......@@ -405,9 +400,6 @@ SOURCES += \
src/uas/ \
src/uas/ \
src/uas/ \
src/ui/ \
src/ui/ \
src/ui/ \
src/ui/linechart/ \
src/ui/linechart/ \
src/ui/linechart/ \
......@@ -447,7 +439,6 @@ SOURCES += \
src/ui/ \
src/ui/ \
src/ui/ \
src/ui/ \
src/ui/QGCTabbedInfoView.cpp \
src/ui/ \
src/ui/ \
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QGroundControl Open Source Ground Control Station
This file is part of the QGROUNDCONTROL project
QGROUNDCONTROL is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
QGROUNDCONTROL is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with QGROUNDCONTROL. If not, see <>.
* @file
* @brief Definition of Head Down Display (HDD)
* @author Lorenz Meier <>
#include <QGraphicsView>
#include <QColor>
#include <QTimer>
#include <QFontDatabase>
#include <QMap>
#include <QContextMenuEvent>
#include <QPair>
#include <cmath>
#include "UASInterface.h"
#include "Vehicle.h"
namespace Ui
class HDDisplay;
* @brief Head Down Display Widget
* This widget is used for any head down display as base widget. It handles the basic widget setup
* each head down instrument has a virtual screen size in millimeters as base coordinate system
* this virtual screen size is then scaled to pixels on the screen.
* When the pixel per millimeter ratio is known, a 1:1 representation is possible on the screen
class HDDisplay : public QGraphicsView
HDDisplay(const QStringList& plotList, QString title="", QWidget *parent = 0);
public slots:
/** @brief Update the HDD with new data */
void updateValue(const int uasId, const QString& name, const QString& unit, const QVariant &value, const quint64 msec);
/** @brief Connects a source to the updateValue() signals */
void addSource(QObject* obj);
/** @brief Disconnects a source to the updateValue() signals */
void removeSource(QObject* obj);
/** @brief Removes a plot item by the action data */
void removeItemByAction();
/** @brief Bring up the menu to add a gauge */
void addGauge();
/** @brief Add a gauge using this spec string */
void addGauge(const QString& gauge);
/** @brief Set the title of this widget and any existing parent dock widget */
void setTitle();
/** @brief Set the number of colums via popup */
void setColumns();
/** @brief Set the number of colums */
void setColumns(int cols);
/** @brief Save the current layout and state to disk */
void saveState();
/** @brief Restore the last layout and state from disk */
void restoreState();
protected slots:
void enableGLRendering(bool enable);
//void render(QPainter* painter, const QRectF& target = QRectF(), const QRect& source = QRect(), Qt::AspectRatioMode aspectRatioMode = Qt::KeepAspectRatio);
void renderOverlay();
void triggerUpdate();
/** @brief Adjust the size hint for the current gauge layout */
void adjustGaugeAspectRatio();
QSize sizeHint() const;
void changeEvent(QEvent* e);
void paintEvent(QPaintEvent* event);
void showEvent(QShowEvent* event);
void hideEvent(QHideEvent* event);
void contextMenuEvent(QContextMenuEvent* event);
QList<QAction*> getItemRemoveActions();
void createActions();
float refLineWidthToPen(float line);
float refToScreenX(float x);
float refToScreenY(float y);
float screenToRefX(float x);
float screenToRefY(float y);
void rotatePolygonClockWiseRad(QPolygonF& p, float angle, QPointF origin);
void drawPolygon(QPolygonF refPolygon, QPainter* painter);
void drawLine(float refX1, float refY1, float refX2, float refY2, float width, const QColor& color, QPainter* painter);
void drawEllipse(float refX, float refY, float radiusX, float radiusY, float lineWidth, const QColor& color, QPainter* painter);
void drawCircle(float refX, float refY, float radius, float lineWidth, const QColor& color, QPainter* painter);
void drawChangeRateStrip(float xRef, float yRef, float height, float minRate, float maxRate, float value, QPainter* painter);
void drawChangeIndicatorGauge(float xRef, float yRef, float radius, float expectedMaxChange, float value, const QColor& color, QPainter* painter, bool solid=true);
void drawGauge(float xRef, float yRef, float radius, float min, float max, const QString name, float value, const QColor& color, QPainter* painter, bool symmetric, QPair<float, float> goodRange, QPair<float, float> criticalRange, bool solid=true);
void drawSystemIndicator(float xRef, float yRef, int maxNum, float maxWidth, float maxHeight, QPainter* painter);
void paintText(QString text, QColor color, float fontSize, float refX, float refY, QPainter* painter);
// //Holds the current centerpoint for the view, used for panning and zooming
// QPointF currentCenterPoint;
// //From panning the view
// QPoint lastPanPoint;
// //Set the current centerpoint in the
// void setCenter(const QPointF& centerPoint);
// QPointF getCenter() { return currentCenterPoint; }
// //Take over the interaction
// virtual void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent* event);
// virtual void mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent* event);
// virtual void mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent* event);
// virtual void wheelEvent(QWheelEvent* event);
// virtual void resizeEvent(QResizeEvent* event);
UASInterface* uas; ///< The uas currently monitored
QMap<QString, double> values; ///< The variables this HUD displays
QMap<QString, QString> units; ///< The units
QMap<QString, float> valuesDot; ///< First derivative of the variable
QMap<QString, float> valuesMean; ///< Mean since system startup for this variable
QMap<QString, int> valuesCount; ///< Number of values received so far
QMap<QString, quint64> lastUpdate; ///< The last update time for this variable
QMap<QString, float> minValues; ///< The minimum value this variable is assumed to have
QMap<QString, float> maxValues; ///< The maximum value this variable is assumed to have
QMap<QString, bool> symmetric; ///< Draw the gauge / dial symmetric bool = yes
QMap<QString, bool> intValues; ///< Is the gauge value an integer?
QMap<QString, QString> customNames; ///< Custom names for the data names
QMap<QString, QPair<float, float> > goodRanges; ///< The range of good values
QMap<QString, QPair<float, float> > critRanges; ///< The range of critical values
double scalingFactor; ///< Factor used to scale all absolute values to screen coordinates
float xCenterOffset, yCenterOffset; ///< Offset from center of window in mm coordinates
float vwidth; ///< Virtual width of this window, 200 mm per default. This allows to hardcode positions and aspect ratios. This virtual image plane is then scaled to the window size.
float vheight; ///< Virtual height of this window, 150 mm per default
int xCenter; ///< Center of the HUD instrument in pixel coordinates. Allows to off-center the whole instrument in its OpenGL window, e.g. to fit another instrument
int yCenter; ///< Center of the HUD instrument in pixel coordinates. Allows to off-center the whole instrument in its OpenGL window, e.g. to fit another instrument
// HUD colors
QColor backgroundColor; ///< Background color
QColor defaultColor; ///< Color for most HUD elements, e.g. pitch lines, center cross, change rate gauges
QColor setPointColor; ///< Color for the current control set point, e.g. yaw desired
QColor warningColor; ///< Color for warning messages
QColor criticalColor; ///< Color for caution messages
QColor infoColor; ///< Color for normal/default messages
QColor fuelColor; ///< Current color for the fuel message, can be info, warning or critical color
// Blink rates
int warningBlinkRate; ///< Blink rate of warning messages, will be rounded to the refresh rate
QTimer* refreshTimer; ///< The main timer, controls the update rate
static const int updateInterval = 300; ///< Update interval in milliseconds
QPainter* hudPainter;
QFont font; ///< The HUD font, per default the free Bitstream Vera SANS, which is very close to actual HUD fonts
QFontDatabase fontDatabase;///< Font database, only used to load the TrueType font file (the HUD font is directly loaded from file rather than from the system)
bool hardwareAcceleration; ///< Enable hardware acceleration
float strongStrokeWidth; ///< Strong line stroke width, used throughout the HUD
float normalStrokeWidth; ///< Normal line stroke width, used throughout the HUD
float fineStrokeWidth; ///< Fine line stroke width, used throughout the HUD
QStringList* acceptList; ///< Variable names to plot
QStringList* acceptUnitList; ///< Unit names to plot
quint64 lastPaintTime; ///< Last time this widget was refreshed
int columns; ///< Number of instrument columns
QAction* addGaugeAction; ///< Action adding a gauge
QAction* setTitleAction; ///< Action setting the title
QAction* setColumnsAction; ///< Action setting the number of columns
bool valuesChanged;
private slots:
void _activeVehicleChanged(Vehicle* vehicle);
Ui::HDDisplay *m_ui;
#endif // HDDISPLAY_H
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ui version="4.0">
<widget class="QWidget" name="HDDisplay">
<property name="geometry">
<property name="windowTitle">
<layout class="QHBoxLayout" name="horizontalLayout">
<property name="margin">
<widget class="QGraphicsView" name="view"/>
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This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -55,7 +55,6 @@ This file is part of the QGROUNDCONTROL project
#include "QGCMapDisplay.h"
#include "MAVLinkDecoder.h"
#include "QGCMAVLinkMessageSender.h"
#include "QGCRGBDView.h"
#include "UASQuickView.h"
#include "QGCDataPlot2D.h"
#include "Linecharts.h"
......@@ -96,11 +95,7 @@ const char* MainWindow::_customCommandWidgetName = "CUSTOM_COMMAND_DOCKWIDGET";
const char* MainWindow::_filesDockWidgetName = "FILE_VIEW_DOCKWIDGET";
const char* MainWindow::_uasStatusDetailsDockWidgetName = "UAS_STATUS_DETAILS_DOCKWIDGET";
const char* MainWindow::_mapViewDockWidgetName = "MAP_VIEW_DOCKWIDGET";
const char* MainWindow::_hsiDockWidgetName = "HORIZONTAL_SITUATION_INDICATOR_DOCKWIDGET";
const char* MainWindow::_hdd1DockWidgetName = "HEAD_DOWN_DISPLAY_1_DOCKWIDGET";
const char* MainWindow::_hdd2DockWidgetName = "HEAD_DOWN_DISPLAY_2_DOCKWIDGET";
const char* MainWindow::_pfdDockWidgetName = "PRIMARY_FLIGHT_DISPLAY_DOCKWIDGET";
const char* MainWindow::_hudDockWidgetName = "HEAD_UP_DISPLAY_DOCKWIDGET";
const char* MainWindow::_uasInfoViewDockWidgetName = "UAS_INFO_INFOVIEW_DOCKWIDGET";
static MainWindow* _instance = NULL; ///< @brief MainWindow singleton
......@@ -403,11 +398,7 @@ void MainWindow::_buildCommonWidgets(void)
{ _filesDockWidgetName, "Onboard Files", Qt::RightDockWidgetArea },
{ _uasStatusDetailsDockWidgetName, "Status Details", Qt::RightDockWidgetArea },
{ _mapViewDockWidgetName, "Map view", Qt::RightDockWidgetArea },
{ _hsiDockWidgetName, "Horizontal Situation", Qt::BottomDockWidgetArea },
{ _hdd1DockWidgetName, "Flight Display", Qt::RightDockWidgetArea },
{ _hdd2DockWidgetName, "Actuator Status", Qt::RightDockWidgetArea },
{ _pfdDockWidgetName, "Primary Flight Display", Qt::RightDockWidgetArea },
{ _hudDockWidgetName, "Video Downlink", Qt::RightDockWidgetArea },
{ _uasInfoViewDockWidgetName, "Info View", Qt::LeftDockWidgetArea },
static const size_t cDockWidgetInfo = sizeof(rgDockWidgetInfo) / sizeof(rgDockWidgetInfo[0]);
......@@ -516,28 +507,8 @@ void MainWindow::_createInnerDockWidget(const QString& widgetName)
widget = new UASInfoWidget(this);
} else if (widgetName == _mapViewDockWidgetName) {
widget = new QGCMapTool(this);
} else if (widgetName == _hsiDockWidgetName) {
widget = new HSIDisplay(this);
} else if (widgetName == _hdd1DockWidgetName) {
QStringList acceptList;
HDDisplay *hddisplay = new HDDisplay(acceptList,"Flight Display",this);
widget = hddisplay;
} else if (widgetName == _hdd2DockWidgetName) {
QStringList acceptList;
HDDisplay *hddisplay = new HDDisplay(acceptList,"Actuator Status",this);
widget = hddisplay;
} else if (widgetName == _pfdDockWidgetName) {
widget = new FlightDisplayWidget(this);
} else if (widgetName == _hudDockWidgetName) {
widget = new HUD(320,240,this);
} else if (widgetName == _uasInfoViewDockWidgetName) {
QGCTabbedInfoView* pInfoView = new QGCTabbedInfoView(this);
......@@ -50,8 +50,6 @@ This file is part of the QGROUNDCONTROL project
#include "Mouse6dofInput.h"
#include "ParameterEditorWidget.h"
#include "HDDisplay.h"
#include "HSIDisplay.h"
#include "opmapcontrol.h"
#include "MainToolBar.h"
#include "LogCompressor.h"
......@@ -298,11 +296,7 @@ private:
static const char* _filesDockWidgetName;
static const char* _uasStatusDetailsDockWidgetName;
static const char* _mapViewDockWidgetName;
static const char* _hsiDockWidgetName;
static const char* _hdd1DockWidgetName;
static const char* _hdd2DockWidgetName;
static const char* _pfdDockWidgetName;
static const char* _hudDockWidgetName;
static const char* _uasInfoViewDockWidgetName;
QMap<QString, QDockWidget*> _mapName2DockWidget;
This diff is collapsed.
#include "HUD.h"
#include "Vehicle.h"
class QGCRGBDView : public HUD
explicit QGCRGBDView(int width=640, int height=480, QWidget *parent = 0);
public slots:
void clearData(void);
void enableRGB(bool enabled);
void enableDepth(bool enabled);
void updateData(UASInterface *uas);
bool rgbEnabled;
bool depthEnabled;
QAction* enableRGBAction;
QAction* enableDepthAction;
void contextMenuEvent (QContextMenuEvent* event);
/** @brief Store current configuration of widget */
void storeSettings();
/** @brief Load configuration of widget */
void loadSettings();
private slots:
void _activeVehicleChanged(Vehicle* vehicle);
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