Commit 2c1e6a37 authored by Don Gagne's avatar Don Gagne

Merge pull request #2564 from rjehangir/master

Prioritize real joystick over virtual joystick.
parents 67378076 57d83dbd
......@@ -1215,5 +1215,8 @@ void Vehicle::_remoteControlRSSIChanged(uint8_t rssi)
void Vehicle::virtualTabletJoystickValue(double roll, double pitch, double yaw, double thrust)
_uas->setExternalControlSetpoint(roll, pitch, yaw, thrust, 0, JoystickModeRC);
// The following if statement prevents the virtualTabletJoystick from sending values if the standard joystick is enabled
if ( !_joystickEnabled ) {
_uas->setExternalControlSetpoint(roll, pitch, yaw, thrust, 0, JoystickModeRC);
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