Commit 2b2397a8 authored by Gus Grubba's avatar Gus Grubba

Gotta handle old versions of Xcode that don’t know anything about that.

parent 109f5c82
......@@ -200,7 +200,9 @@ MacBuild | LinuxBuild {
# Latest clang version has a buggy check for this which cause Qt headers to throw warnings on qmap.h
QMAKE_CXXFLAGS_WARN_ON += -Wno-return-stack-address
# Xcode 8.3 has issues on how MAVLink accesses (packed) message structure members.
QMAKE_CXXFLAGS_WARN_ON += -Wno-address-of-packed-member
# Note that this will fail when Xcode version reaches 10.x.x
XCODE_VERSION = $$system($$PWD/tools/
greaterThan(XCODE_VERSION, 8.2.0): QMAKE_CXXFLAGS_WARN_ON += -Wno-address-of-packed-member
xcodebuild -version 2>&1 | (head -n1) | awk '{print $2}'
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