Unverified Commit 291b845f authored by Don Gagne's avatar Don Gagne Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #7931 from DonLakeFlyer/StreamHome

Don't show errors from MAV_CMD_SET_MESSAGE_INTERVAL
parents dae7750e daa3a149
......@@ -660,9 +660,12 @@ void APMFirmwarePlugin::initializeStreamRates(Vehicle* vehicle)
// Streaming of home position is required for various features in QGC to work correctly. Otherwise relative altitudes
// cannot be calculated correctly.
vehicle->sendMavCommand(MAV_COMP_ID_AUTOPILOT1, MAV_CMD_SET_MESSAGE_INTERVAL, true /* showError */, MAVLINK_MSG_ID_HOME_POSITION, 1000000 /* 1 second interval in usec */);
// ArduPilot only sends home position on first boot and then when it arms. It does not stream the position.
// This means that depending on when QGC connects to the vehicle it may not have home position.
// This can cause various features to not be available. So we request home position streaming ourselves.
// The MAV_CMD_SET_MESSAGE_INTERVAL command is only supported on newer firmwares. So we set showError=false.
// Which also means than on older firmwares you may be left with some missing features.
vehicle->sendMavCommand(MAV_COMP_ID_AUTOPILOT1, MAV_CMD_SET_MESSAGE_INTERVAL, false /* showError */, MAVLINK_MSG_ID_HOME_POSITION, 1000000 /* 1 second interval in usec */);
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