Commit 23eb6562 authored by Don Gagne's avatar Don Gagne

Fix isCapable for PX4 plugin

parent 64eca014
......@@ -188,3 +188,8 @@ void PX4FirmwarePlugin::adjustMavlinkMessage(mavlink_message_t* message)
// PX4 Flight Stack plugin does no message adjustment
bool PX4FirmwarePlugin::isCapable(FirmwareCapabilities capabilities)
return capabilities == MavCmdPreflightStorageCapability;
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ class PX4FirmwarePlugin : public FirmwarePlugin
// Overrides from FirmwarePlugin
virtual bool isCapable(FirmwareCapabilities capabilities) { Q_UNUSED(capabilities); return false; }
virtual bool isCapable(FirmwareCapabilities capabilities);
virtual QList<VehicleComponent*> componentsForVehicle(AutoPilotPlugin* vehicle);
virtual QStringList flightModes(void);
virtual QString flightMode(uint8_t base_mode, uint32_t custom_mode);
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