Commit 2343a697 authored by Bryant Mairs's avatar Bryant Mairs

Limit libxbee support on Linux to 32-bit builds.

Our included make file doesn't build for 64-bit.
We actually need better selection on Windows and Linux platforms for building 32-bit or 64-bit versions.
parent 2d216cd9
......@@ -293,13 +293,15 @@ contains(DEFINES, DISABLE_XBEE) {
} else:exists(user_config.pri):infile(user_config.pri, DEFINES, DISABLE_XBEE) {
message("Skipping support for native XBee API (manual override from user_config.pri)")
} else:LinuxBuild {
exists(/usr/include/xbee.h) {
linux-g++-64 {
message("Skipping support for XBee API (64-bit Linux builds not supported)")
} else:exists(/usr/include/xbee.h) {
message("Including support for XBee API")
LIBS += -lxbee
LIBS += -L/usr/lib -lxbee
} else {
warning("Skipping support for XBee API (missing libraries, see README)")
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